Get Your Book Published and Get Paid!
Yes, it is true you can be a published author with a Christian Publisher that has published hundreds of Christian books. We pay you for books sold.  We publish paperback, hardback and color interior Christian books.  Our publishing plans start at $299.  Here at Holy Fire Publishing (Christian we are dedicated to Christian Values and only publish books that do not go against the Christian faith.  Check out what our authors are saying on the testimonies page.  Submit your no obligation book proposal today!  

Set Your Own Royalties and Prices
You are in the drivers seat at Holy Fire Publishing ( You determine the retail cost of your book, what discount you want to offer the distributor and how much royalties (money) we pay you for distributed book sales.

We are Distributed!
Our distributors are the best and largest in the world:

Printed and distributed in USA, EUROPE AND AUSTRALIA

New Australia distribution includes...., Emporium Books Online, Dennis Jones & Associates, ALS Library Services, James Bennett, and DA Information Services.

These currently distribute all the NY Times bestsellers.  Our distributed books are found on-line at the fine stores on the right hand side of this page to name a few.

You Keep The Rights To Your Work
Some publishing companies will make you sign a contract that forces you to use them exclusively for a year or multiple years. By the time you figure out that the company is overcharging for your book and not giving you the royalty money you deserve, you're stuck in a long-term contract. At (Holy Fire Publishing), our contract can be canceled at any time for any reason with a 60-day written notice. It's that simple.

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